Eumetra has the maker spirit at heart

Our goal is always the same: to make the right move at the right time.
However, the appropriate moves to make are constantly changing, as are the means of identifying them.

Our world is a continuous stream of needs, stimuli and pieces of information, and any attempt to take a picture of it will lead to partial and blurred image.
We are here to link the past (“what has been”) and the future (“what is yet to come”), through our  experience that turns a mechanical action into smooth, clear and decisive movement towards the future.

A future that isn’t waited for, but built  according to a precise vision.



Eumetra  offers concrete solutions to corporate decision makers, to support them to take the best decisions for their company future.

We believe that every decision needs to be based on several factors – instinct, intuition, experience, rationality and the right tools to provide the appropriate guidance – Eumetra takes all of these into account in order to turn knowledge into action.

Eumetra’s unique ability to offer advice based on our understanding of social and economic changes makes it the ideal partner for anyone seeking to base their decisions on a holistic market understanding.



Research can only be coupled with the ability to interpret it. We provide decision makers with a clear vision, helping them to make the right choices and take their companies towards a more sustainable future.



Eumetra combines the power of cutting-edge technologies with experience and in-depth knowledge of each sector.

We go beyond the myth of neutral, objective facts to re-claim the value of interpretation.

Eumetra Origins

Eumetra was founded in 2015 by a pool of senior consultants, Eumetra expands the sphere of knowledge through social and marketing research carried out at national and international level, from its premises in Italy and Switzerland and with a network of carefully selected local partners in Europe and over 100 countries around the world.

Eumetra believes in accuracy, perspective, clarity and empathy, values which form the basis for its research and consultancy work.

Eumetra is certified ISO 9001:2015 and holds Assirm Quality Certification.

Assirm 2021

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