These are difficult times for Italian families. Having archived the pandemic, with all the difficulties connected with lockdowns, school closures, and quarantine management, the subsequent economic difficulties have taken over, which are putting a strain on the segment of families with children in particular.

Against this less than reassuring backdrop, however, there are some positive signs concerning the division of roles and the so-called ‘mental load’ within the family. An indication of this ‘change of pace’ comes from the latest edition of the Eumetra survey on mothers, which questioned a large sample of expectant women and women with children aged between 0 and 11.

Questioned about who in the family makes the decisions when it comes to buying childcare products, within the different product categories (from food and hygiene care products, to light and heavy childcare, clothing and medicines), mothers declare that they share the choice with fathers especially when it comes to products for more everyday use, such as food, clothing and health products.

A trend that has been consolidating since 2019 and is the result of dads’ increasing prominence in the daily care of their children and their increasingly active role in household tasks (starting with preparing meals). An evolution of roles that is most likely also a consequence of the reorganisation of our lives linked to the introduction of new habits such as smart working and the new awareness that the events of recent years have generated.

This is, we realise, only a small step forward, and we know that there is still a long way to go before there is a real sharing of roles in the family, but the data collected by our observatory is an important first sign of the appereance of a new model of parenting that no longer sees the mother alone in the front line on all childcare issues.

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