People trust people, an old adage that in the digital age has taken on a new form (not a new nature): people follow (but,  above all. listen to and react to) influencers.

It is not a question of opportunity or choice, influencers are becoming a specific channel. Data (and not the opinions) say so. According to a recent analysis – carried out by Eumetra in collaboration with Fattore-Mamma Media on a sample of 157 professionals from companies targeting mothers and families – 8 out of 10 respondents say they have activated at least one influencer marketing campaign.


eMarketer estimates that by 2021, 70% of US companies with more than 100 employees will employ ongoing influencer marketing programs.

Share of US Marketers using Social Media and Influencer Marketing

Fonte: eMarketer

It is therefore not – if anyone still had doubts – a question of IF, but at most a question of WHEN (for some companies) and HOW.

There are certainly pitfalls in influencer marketing. Some are external to the company, but need to be addressed:

  • There are a lot of influencers, a plethora of them, and it is difficult to distinguish correctly between those capable of talking to an audience and those who merely manage a circle.
  • Influencers change: they change their focus, learn, adopt new channels and new forms of creativity. Their followers change for its part and so interest and trust.
  • The worst pitfall: competitors target the right influencers for us.

But there are also mistakes that build internal pitfalls:

  • Forgetting that the social media environment is horizontal: people talk to people without intermediation. Treating influencers as testimonials is investing your money badly.
  • Looking at metrics with the rear-view mirror (the influencer has a lot of engagement, a lot of fan base, a lot of contents) and never predictively: what are the business KPIs (of sales, awareness, familiarity, etc.)?
  • Don’t ask if there are any unknown targets today that the chosen influencers are actually working on
  • Not all business functions are on board.

Eumetra presents SWIPE UP, a model for selecting, choosing and using influencers, ambassadors and testimonials to optimize four results:

  1. Involvement of all company stakeholders, internal (management, departments) and external (agency, media center) on common, precise and measurable objectives.
  2. Ability to persuade the client or consumer.
  3. Effectiveness of communication based on company KPIs.
  4. Sales acceleration.
Do you want to know more? Our consultants will be happy to introduce you to SWIPE UP and the possible customizations for your influencer marketing activities.