A few days ago, The Wall Street Journal published an article with the eloquent title: ‘Bosses Want Hard Workers-So They’re Hiring Older People’. It seems that in the world of work in the United States, and gradually also in that of some European countries, Baby Boomers are making a comeback and are in demand by an increasing number of companies. Proof of this phenomenon can be found in official US employment data. According to this well-renowned publication, there are various reasons for this. Prominent among them is the data from a Wall Street Journal-NORC survey that the same newspaper conducted on the values of Americans. 65% of those aged 65 and over consider it personally important to work hard. The same percentage stands at 61% among 18-29 year olds.

In Italy, too, there are similar signs. In our annual “Well-being and Sustainability” survey, which probes the values of Italians, 61% of workers aged 64 and over say that the activity they do during the day gives them satisfaction. The same percentage does not go beyond 49% among young workers aged 18 to 29.

We are always looking for happy numbers, so we smile happily for the much reviled Boomers, who after years of insults deserved redemption. However, the issue cannot be reduced in terms of generational antagonism. Time has shown that in the world of work young people are not the cheapest alternative to seniors. But it is not possible to imagine that seniors are the more motivated alternative to young people. Not without thinking in which non-direction this logic leads. The old, healthy pragmatism meant that young people would work alongside seniors, to learn the trade over time. On closer inspection, then, we have another piece of good news: there would probably not even be a need to invent anything…

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