Italians, as we are told by the Eumetra  ‘Well-being and Sustainability’ research data, are well aware that one of the fundamental ingredients of being well is ‘eating better, with good quality products’ .

But what does ‘eating better’ mean?

Far from knowing the right ‘recipe’, also because we are convinced that there are different solutions and ideas, suited to different convictions, stages of life, but also wallets… one of the aspects on which there seems to be greater convergence is that of choosing to eat close, local, or Italian.

Made in Italy is an important value in so many sectors of our production activity, from fashion to design, to the many large and small realities of our manufacturing sector that can easily crown us ‘champions of good taste’.

Among the many, one area in which we certainly excel is the agri-food sector, and Italians know this well. I have been listening to consumers for decades and when it comes to emphasising, enriching, enhancing the Italian character of a product, of a supply chain, they are always in agreement.

The last few difficult years seem to have made us even more aware of this wealth of ours.

Three simple figures from the latest edition of ‘Well-being and Sustainability’ provide a good snapshot of this phenomenon:

  • 56% of our sample ‘declares that they mainly buy products from their own territory’ (and only 11% do not);
  • as many as 66% now ‘consume more 100% Italian products’ (with 25% sometimes choosing Italian and sometimes not and only 9% saying they disagree);
  • and finally 73% claim to have somehow ‘reduced their consumption of new, foreign, ethnic foods’.

In particular, the adherence to ‘100% Italian products’ becomes a sort of plebiscite in the food styles that our study identifies as the most interesting and evolutionary: 70% agree with the Harmonious Style and as many as 83% agree with the Pioneer Style, which of all is the most interesting (because it is more design-oriented, intelligent, attentive, anticipating trends and leaning towards the future…). In addition to these, there is also 77% of the Sociocultural Elite, one of the Communication Styles surveyed by the research.

This definitely sounds like good news to us: eating better, among other nuances, means choosing food that comes from a safe, certified source… in a word, from our country.

And the more aware we are, the more we think that Italian food is a value: our companies can only rejoice and direct appropriate marketing policies.

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