We have heard many times that the greatest consequences of the pandemic have been suffered by young people. Not only the children, but also the young people of generation z. They experienced the obligation not to leave the house and, above all, the resulting loneliness at an age when socialising with others is crucial. But what are the marks that this period has left on them? We asked them directly, with a market research on a sample of 7,500 young people from five major European countries. The results are quite worrying. 26% of them identified themselves as “it feels like I’m not in control”, 21% as “I realised that I like being alone “, 16% as “I no longer feel comfortable being with others” and 13% as “I’ve built up a lot of anger”. The picture that these indicators give us appears to be so complex that it is impossible to fit in the short term. However, our research has taught us that generation z always has more than one soul, so those who have experienced a negative backlash are flanked by those who have managed to learn positive lessons. In fact, 34% identified with the phrase “I now understand how important freedom is”, 24% with “there is no substitute for being together ” and 24% with “I want to make up for the time I shut in at home”.


Gen Z: the best is yet to come” is a multi-country syndicated survey property of Eumetra International SA.  The final report is available, with a general picture on many fundamental topics, the comparison with other generations and the in-depth sections on: car, bike, bank, FMCG, coffee.

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