2020 is truly the year of refoundation of many pillars of our existence; foundations of life that have been identical for seven decades, and that we took for granted.

The pandemic – and its social consequences – is redefining us much more than one might have guessed: we are building completely new ways of thinking, ways of living, of choosing, of evaluating and judging completely unexpected.

The criticality has increased greatly, and it is changing the way of evaluating companies, of conceiving their social role. And it’s changing the direction of expectations. And expectations demand faster and faster answers.

To grasp all these new directions, Eumetra is starting the new wave – the 6th edition – of the great research “Wellness”. The promise is to clarify:

  • how the scenarios change,
  • the effects on the various markets,
  • what is the positioning of the different brands,
  • what is expected from companies, to help them to set up new marketing and communication strategies.

The survey is starting in the coming weeks and still offers the possibility of customizations reserved for companies that join in this first phase.

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