Eumetra launches the most in-depth international research on the younger generations. After these two years, young people have a lot to tell society and companies.

In 2019, thanks to the first edition of the research “Generation Z: image and brand value”, we discovered so many peculiarities about this generation. In 2021 we have planned and are launching the second edition in Italy.

But the world is running faster than us, and the younger generations talk to each other overcoming borders and barriers. What challenges do the young GenZ from Italy, Switzerland, France, UK, Germany, Spain, China, USA impose on brands and companies?

We know that the natives of Generation Z record an intensity of knowledge of brands often below the average of that of other generations. This means that brands with great heritage find themselves competing equally with more recent brands with less communication history. This loss of competitive advantage that a different equity offers is very articulated in the 8 markets.

We know that GenZ is perhaps a forced abstraction: within it there are at least three different age groups with substantial differences in attitudes and behaviors. Will it be true in all those 8 markets?

We know that it is a more open and inclusive generation, less attentive to differences in wealth and geographical origin. How does this open take place in those 8 markets?

We know that they are aware that precariousness will be the key to their future. The fear less. How does this perception of precariousness in 8 such different markets impact on consumer choices?

That yours is a company that operates in multiple markets

That yours is a company that has the benefits among the targets of the elections of its products and services

That your company that wants to invest in this segment of participation

Genz, the best is yet to come is the most comprehensive and in-depth international research on the consumers and customers of tomorrow.

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