Welcome to our new website, in which we present ourselves with a completely renewed image, starting from our new logo, and with an enriched offer.

At the end of 2019, we considered the opportunity to organize and enhance all our experiences and skills, to start with a new phase of growth of the institute. What you see is the result of this.

The events of last spring could have stopped our plan, but insteand we decided to move forward.  We have done it because we strongly believe in this project: now that we are experiencing a profound and lasting change, we consider it even more useful and important,

From the outset, Eumetra decided to deeply investigate today’s society and today’s individual, to find the “why” behind behaviour: the why that motivates people. Today this capability is even  more unecessary, to support business decision makers as they make the best decisions for the future.

People gave life to this initiative: the Eumetra team, which has continued working hardly and with passion during and after the lockdown, as well as many Companies that have continued to turn to us  to meet their knowledge needs.

Thanks to all those who have decided to trust us and follow us here.

What you will find in the new website

  • A selection of news and updates – with new insights from out latest researches about the new Individual and the new Society – will welcome you with every new visit.
  • With a simple “scroll” you can get to know us better, discovering the values that inspire our work and the goals that inspire it.
  • Next, the section dedicated to our enriched products and services offer: we continuosly update this area, aimed at responding to both deeper and more strategic knowledge needs, as well as more tactical and operational needs, in a fast and cost efficient way.

But we don’t want to reveal too much … We invite you to discover our new website by browsing it and returning often to visit us!