Knowledge building

It has never been so easy to acquire information about individuals, and businesses today hold an abundance (perhaps too much) of information about who, where and how. But if you want to make the right decisions you need to know how to interpret these data, understand them fully and compare and contrast them in order to obtain a clear picture.

This is why, from the outset, Eumetra decided to build and make available to its clients a genuine fact-finding system of today’s society and today’s individual, a system that can find the “why” behind behaviour: the why that motivates people.

Since then we have not rested, sometimes running too far ahead, sometimes in pursuit of a reality that goes even further than our imagination; always at our clients’ side to decode the world, people and markets. Even now, when we have built up a wealth of tools that explain many of the whys we wanted to know about, we’re still on the hunt for the next question, keener and more curious than ever.


this is the research that lies at the heart of our Knowledge Building system,  used to outline the framework of behaviours, values and attitudes of the new individual,  both in absolute terms and in relation to the major markets: food and beverages, health, personal care, media/entertainment, finance etc. It is based on the knowledge that in order to decide what to do, what to say and how to say it, we need to fully understand who the people we’re talking to really are.

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Sustainable Development and Consumer Expectations

this allows us to measure expectations and returns in terms of image, loyalty and development, for businesses which invest in various elements of Sustainable Development (a goal of the UN’s Agenda 2030). The latest argumentation changes, often faster than before. To decide how to express and promote your commitment to sustainability, you need to be constantly up to date with people’s real views on the issue.

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EV-olution/New Mobility

this explores developments in the electric mobility market (hybrid and electric cars, motorbikes and bicycles), giving a picture of the nature and size of the target audience, both actual and unexpressed, for each individual type of electric vehicle and highlighting real barriers and potential future scenarios. Decision-making requires concrete bases, an “objectivity of opinion” often hard to identify when it comes to issues involving ethics. Since 2009 this type of research has identified the reasons behind the reshaping of public intentions regarding green mobility and the consequent lack of take-up.

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research that focuses on the “future of information” conveyed by all the different mediums (both online and offline), with the aim of understanding not only current styles of consumption, but also future trends and upcoming needs.

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Green Home/Smart Home Observatory

this area explores attitudes and behaviours associated with the issues of energy efficiency (the provision of energy, air conditioning, photovoltaics and home automation) in families and the administrators of residential buildings.

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Generation Baby Boomer

researches drivers of consumption, codes of communication and touchpoints, to help businesses relate to Baby Boomers, a generation in constant regeneration and completely different to the seniors of the past.

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Brand Image in Generation Z

disintermediated in terms of traditional media, Generation Z constitutes a real breaking point for many of the consumer paradigms we are accustomed to, first and foremost regarding the perception and valuation of brands. Knowing this generation allows us to prepare for tomorrow’s customers.

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Mums Monitor

the most wide-ranging and comprehensive research into the target audience of mothers (pregnant primigravida and mothers of children aged 0 to 11), which gives us an in-depth understanding of the new generation of mums (needs and expectations, barriers and levers, consumer behaviour, touchpoints and communication channels, relations with brands etc), in order to help businesses dialogue with a constantly-changing target.

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Pet world

research focused on the sphere of pets (food, healthcare, toiletries, services etc) and its distribution, with the aim of understanding the profiles, attitudes and behaviours of pet owners.

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