What can really make us feel good? The question is far from simple, but by interpreting, at least in the beginning, our ‘pill’ as something to take, we are helped by linking it to what we actually do every day through our food choices, not least because, as the philosophers remind us, ‘we are what we eat’.

Our research ‘Well-being and Sustainability’ is a precious mine of data in this sense: it interprets the attitudes of the Italian population, always aggregating them by common themes and coming up with fairly homogeneous clusters of behaviour in relation to the different areas of people’s lives. So, for example, in the field of food we can describe a Harmonious style, a Pioneer style, and then one that is Dissatisfied, Distressed, Satisfied… Be aware, the words are much more concrete than you might think: behind each label are people, their projects, their choices, shopping lists and trolleys, different ways of setting the table and cooking…

Before we continue down this road (with details that are sometimes amusing, as well as very instructive), I would like to stop and reflect on a fact that caught my attention: when asked whether ‘in recent years has your eating style changed’, almost 70% of Italians answered in the affirmative.

That said, we know and experience that there are various moments in life when one’s diet is reviewed – the life cycle changes, one goes on a diet, one needs fewer/more calories, one cooks more/less, etc. etc. Not to mention that the last few years have been a real watershed, with consequences on many areas of our daily lives.

What is really striking, however, is the unambiguousness of the direction of change, almost a landslide vote towards the quest for… well-being! In fact, people try to ‘eat better, with better quality products’ (32%), they ‘eat healthier’ (27%), they are ‘more attentive to the list of ingredients’ (28%), they ‘look for foods with less fat’ (30%) and they ‘use fresh products more often’ (26%).

Since we are not all the same, and it seems logical to assume that a Harmonious young woman will be more careful than an Unruly gentleman, it will be interesting to better understand what she does and what he does, how each one interprets and makes his behaviour concrete. What does ‘eating better’ mean, for example? I am sure that everyone has their own recipe, made up of veg foods, varieties and renunciations, vegetable proteins instead of animals, lots of wholemeal foods, plenty of legumes and cereals, fruit and vegetables,… we will go into more detail together in the next ‘pills’.

Let’s go back to the starting point: what can really make us feel good? Answer: pay attention to our diet. It seems so easy, and yet…

Well-being Pills is an optimism stimulator. It is used in the treatment of widespread negativity and contemporary anxieties. It contains opinions, peculiarities, confidence-inducing quirks, all rigorously extracted from Eumetra’s proprietary surveys. No contraindications or side effects are reported. The recommended dose is 1 pill per week. It is preferable to take the product on a full stomach, to combine its effects with those of a good lunch.