Ad hoc solutions

The suite of research solutions developed by Eumetra to provide businesses with bespoke advice on how to update their offer and appropriate ways in which to communicate and engage with customers.

Based on in-depth knowledge of individuals and society, these solutions allow companies to meet rapidly and proactively to both strategic demands and more tactical needs,

They always guarantee maximum information efficiency, in cooperation with Eumetra Knowledge Building system, to whom are continuously connected.

Eumetra’s ad hoc solutions can be summarised in three main areas:

Main areas



to support businesses in product planning and architecture, increasing the potential for success and reducing the risks associated with the launch of new products.

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to assist businesses in fine-tuning the planning and content of their communications and measuring their effectiveness. The aim is to increase the potential for success, while optimising the use of investment.

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to enhance businesses’ knowledge during the process that guides the architecture and delivery of services. The aim is to increase the possibility of creating a loyal and constantly growing customer base.

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The pluses of Eumetra’s Ad hoc solutions

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they draw upon the uniqueness of Eumetra’s store of knowledge of individuals, built up by our Knowledge Building research.

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they are based on an array of techniques for in-depth research, which place the individual at the centre by reconstructing their systems of evaluation and choice.

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they explore new technologies and make use of them whenever they bring a real informational advantage and they can contribute to our clients’ success.


New Ideas Factory

Every day we all receive a huge number of marketing messages, and it is truly complicated to disentangle the offers and identify their identities and advantages. For products, the ability to stand out in a positive way has become the real key to success and, on the other hand, the costs of potential failure are increasingly difficult for any business to bear. For this reason, any product idea – even the best in the world – needs to be developed as well as possible, valorised and communicated in order to maximise its chances of success.

Eumetra NEW IDEAS FACTORY supports businesses in product planning and architecture, increasing the potential for success and reducing the risks associated with the launch of new products.

White Spaces Detector

Every day we can see that people and the world around us are changing very quickly. If people are changing, so too are consumer paradigms, needs, and the times and ways in which choices are made.

Which products are needed in today’s world, but do not yet exist?

White Space Detector is a research route which combines desk techniques with field research, to identify unmet needs in a specific market sector. It guides innovation strategy in the direction of true uniqueness for the customer.

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Connection in Co-Creation

It is not easy to take a new need, a “white space” that has been identified or a spontaneous idea and transform it into a product/service. People often reject plans if they cannot be put into practice immediately. This is a barrier to “creation” that hinders rather than helping. Just as often, the know-how already possessed by a business is not exploited because it is not pooled. Numerous company departments might not be given the chance to share their specific know-how in a “melting pot” that could prove particularly fertile.

Which paths should be followed in a consistent, unique and brand-specific way?

Connection in co-creation is a research method that is based on merging the know-how already found within a company. By stepping away (at least in principle) from the requirement for ideas to be able to be put into practice immediately, it unleashes energy and opens up the possibility of connections between existing know-how, with fresh insight acting as a catalyst (like seeds in fertile soil). Areas such as Marketing, R&D, Communication, Sales and Media Centres – not to mention end customers – can plant the seeds of numerous new ideas and opportunities that already bear the brand’s DNA.

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Opening New Routes

If “change is the only permanence, and uncertainty the only certainty” in the world today, that is not necessarily an entirely bad thing. Without solid foundations, permeability, flexibility, crossovers and mixtures have become values. They present opportunities rather than risks for brands.

In which spheres could my brand have the potential to expand, either naturally or as a genuine outsider?

Opening New Routes is a research process that starts with the current scene and tests how the public reacts to forays into new territory.

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One, None or Everyone

It is difficult to come up with an idea for a product or service that absolutely everyone likes: people from different countries but also those who have shared the same core values and lived in the same places all their lives. Needs, tastes and choices have become completely fragmented. This might be because there is too much choice or perhaps due to growing individualism that makes people keen to avoid being labelled as “normal”. Either way, no one wants and no one can afford to take a “generalist” approach. Finding the key to combine supply and demand is increasingly crucial.

Are sections of the public potentially interested in the possible products? If so, which sections?

One, None or Everyone is a research process that combines field surveys with the wealth of individual knowledge provided by Eumetra’s Knowledge Building system in order to select ideas in accordance with the strength and nature of their potential and identify their main targets. It steers innovation strategies towards genuine uniqueness for the public.

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Ultra Concept Test

It is good practice to check that everything is in order with a concept for a new product/service before the launch. However, there have been limitations in market research on this front recently because the scores given are always too positive. New products often deal with environmental issues so people find it hard not to embrace them (in words at least, because in practice things turn out differently). In addition CAWI techniques require largely binary answers (I like it/I don’t like it) and provide less scope for nuance. Although this might seem like a purely technical matter, it reduces the discriminating capacity of research, which can significantly hinder the ability of businesses to make the right decisions.

So when is it that a product idea is genuinely capable of selling and surviving in the real market?

Concept assessment techniques have been updated for new contexts in the UltraConcept Test. It uses technology in a genuinely useful way. Through a specific selection of questions and a tried and tested analytical procedure, it picks out sincere interest in products that goes above and beyond simple declarations of intent.

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Pack Power

It goes without saying that there is more than one type of customer, one purchasing process and one approach to shopping. In addition, the events of recent months have radically changed many of our habits, including when it comes to the amounts, methods and frequency of our household shopping. Things have been shaken up further still by the spread of online shopping, either alongside or instead of traditional shopping. Product packaging now needs to stand out in very different settings: not only on supermarket shelves that are packed with rival products, but also in online supermarkets, with attractive, communicative images.

To what extent can packaging encourage people to try or buy products again in a range of real-life sales conditions?

Pack assessment techniques have been updated for new contexts by Pack Power. It uses technology in a truly useful way. Thanks to combined displays, specific questions and a tried and tested analytical procedure, it can gauge the active performance of both new and existing packaging.

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New Brands & Media Checker

Not all mediums are equal; we’ve suspected this for some time. But which mediums are truly effective, for whom, and in which channels of communication? This question is more current than ever, now that our love affair with the internet appears to be taking a pause for reflection. The inevitable slant towards micro-business, the rapid spread of fake news which damages integrity, the animosity plaguing social media; all these clash with the concepts of sustainability and inclusion which businesses seek and must communicate at this time.

Eumetra NEW BRANDS & MEDIA CHECKER assists businesses towards a new communication model: no longer focused on the medium, but on the individual, to increase to increase the effectiveness of actions and messages.

Brand Equity Check

In the past few months, there have been many changes which have hit individuals especially hard: from the ever-looming environmental issues, to the economical and psychological consequences of the pandemic lockdown. Although it is still not clear what the results of these changes are going to be, we can all agree that many changes have occurred and that many are nonetheless still occurring. In this becoming, priorities, evaluation sets and judgements – on both oneself and on settings elements – have all changed. As a matter of fact, opinions on well-established brands are still changing and the latter are nowadays required to take on stronger stances than in the past on issues such as the environment and the closeness of people.

What are nowadays’ points of strength and of weakness in a brand? What should a brand be updated on in order to remain relevant for the public?

Brand Equity Check is an investigation path developed by Eumetra to adopt the point of view of an individual by understanding his/her perception of the brand and comparing it to market of reference’s.

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In the last few years, the efficacy of traditional communication has been declining gradually. To address this problem, the most attentive industry players have started to use «communication facilitators». Those involve identifying what are relevant themes – the relevant territories – to use for their brand or other brands – from other markets – to go along with their own. What industry players wish to gain from this mixture are the already achieved meanings that established brands have, which would otherwise be difficult to get starting from scratch. For this to be successful, the mixture needs to be easily perceived as concordant and thus either complementary or a replacement.

What are the thematic areas or the subjects that can effectively give value to a brand, enhancing the effectiveness of the communication?

Flywheel is a Eumetra developed survey path to decipher the meaning and value of different communication territories. Furthermore, it indicates which territories of communication are similar and passable to one’s own brand.

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Swipe up

FACT: «People trust people», influencers are the modern application of an ancient phenomenon: people paying attention and trusting other people’s opinions.

PROBLEM: Companies are having a hard time trying to identify the right influencers. That is because of several reasons, such as: the wide range of options (from celebrities to micro-influencers), the uncertain metrics, the ever-changing social media behaviours, the difficulties in assessing the ROI of influencers and the general and non-targeted messages.

EUMETRA’S SOLUTION: Eumetra can provide a solution to this problem by identifying the right team of influencers that best fit with the product/service targets, thus making sure they are going to be effective. 

Ad fine tuning

There are a lot of elements that contribute to the success of an ad’s campaign: proper site, channels and magazines’ planning along with sufficient pressure in respect to competition are all essential ingredients. However, creativity is truly the key to success. Tone of voice, building of the story and emotional engagement are some of the essential elements that ought to be checked in an ad campaign.

How can we make the communication that we are about to launch even more effective?

Ad Fine Tuning is a tool that allows to test the efficacy of one’s content before the campaign is live, in order to make some changes or to choose between different proposals.

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TEC (Tracking the Effectiveness of Communication)

Now more than ever – since we are constantly exposed to a huge variety of advertsing – it is essential to consider different ingredients in order to value the efficacy of communication. In order to do so, there are three questions that need to be answered:

Is my creativity effective and is my media plan coherent with it? Are my investments in communication changing the target’s behavior? What effect is the campaign having on the brand, the sales and the reputation?

TEC is a monitoring system that measures the impact of the communication’s activity for each of the means used. It also identities the communication’s nature and contribution to the propensity and visibility of the brand.

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New Experienced Customer

Relations between businesses and their customers have come a long way in recent years: we have seen many revolutions, and many others have occurred unnoticed but for their practical consequences. One example that stands out: we have witnessed the rise, heyday and decline of the call centre, from the previously unknown possibility of contacting companies directly, to the daily frustration of interacting with an automated interlocutor or being pursued by attempts to sell products or services.

However, the greatest revolution is the unseen one, which has gradually placed the individual and the company on the same level: no longer is the former subordinate and the latter dominant, but both are equal.

Eumetra’s NEW EXPERIENCED CUSTOMER helps businesses to decode the current relationship with their customers and to optimise their efforts to consolidate it.

New Customer Journey Map

this allows us to map the main intersections in the relationship between the customer and a given product or service, identify the mood at each stage and the unexpressed needs of the current offer. It allows companies to update their offer, with the new needs of the individual as the starting point.

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New Customer Experience

allows companies to gauge their dynamic and competitive positioning in terms of the creation of user experience for their customers, and to monitor their position in relation to their competitors. It is based on a user-friendly dashboard and offers the possibility of further investigation of themes that prove to be critical. By combining classic metrics, modelling and semantic analysis, it allows businesses to focus on improved fine-tuning of their services, optimising resources and responding to the needs of customers.

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